Many of you do not know what is until Google launches search trend statistics in 2016. There, the keyword Slither topped the table, along with Pokemon Go created the game fever of the past year.


Rules, rules of the game is designed for the player to control his character as shown

Worms. Everyone will participate in a common arena, where the most points will be displayed on the gold plate.

The rules of are simple, but everyone needs to know the rules

Play to dominate the game. Everyone who plays Slither is equally equal based on the following principle:

  • The worms will eat light particles to grow and increase their length.
  • The player controls the worms by moving the mouse or finger on the screen.
  • If the worm crashes into the body of another worm, it will dissolve into bright particles, which can be eaten by other people.
  • For PC, hold left mouse button or right mouse button to accelerate. On Mobile, double click on the screen.

At first, you should try to eat as many light beads. When they are large enough, they can form a circle to trap their opponents and eat them.

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