Crossy Road is a hilarious intellectual game that has gained much success beyond the expectations of the developer Yodo1 Games.

In the game, players will transform into funny little animals and control them across the road safely. Crossy Road has simple graphics, but also unique with 8-bit square-shaped graphics, reminiscent of old-fashioned plastic games.


The gameplay of Crossy Road is quite easy and there is no challenge to the player. However, driving the animals across the road is not easy at all because the street is always in a state of heavy traffic. On the other hand you must always be aware of the dangerous enemies of the beast stalking from the sky. Therefore, players are not allowed to play in any minute.

The main beast that the player controls is a pretty little chicken, leading it to safety. Also, with each gold or item acquisition, you can unlock more than 50 other animal characters with a variety of unique designs and rich colors.

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